Radio over Internet Protocol (ROIP)

Interoperable communications with modern technology


Radio over Internet Protocol (RoIP) uses modern technology to link otherwise incompatible systems, providing unprecedented interoperability for first responders.  And the same technology of standards-based IP networks used to link incompatible systems is also used to link geographically distant systems providing an affordable solution to the need for regional and even state-wide public safety radio systems.

RoIP uses proven VoIP (Voice over IP) technology already accepted for corporate telephone systems (over 10 million phones installed to date) with the push-to-talk (PTT) functionality required for use with land moible radios (LMRs).  The result is interoperability without requiring first responders in the field to acquire new radios.  Any radio technology including encrypted, digital, and conventional analog can be interconnected, providing public safety agencies with the advantages that the military has already adopted.

RoIP Sytem Overview

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RoIP can be used to control radios in a tradional LMR system from your existing towers and repeaters, or it can be installed in a mobile environment and used at the scene on tactical and fireground channels. It is ideal for EOCs and other control points that may need many additional users on a short notice during a disaster, or need to access distant radio systems.

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Key Benefits


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Public Safety 

Fixed RoIP Systems -
Dispatch, EOC

Mobile RoIP Systems

Transportable RoIP Systems

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In general, well-designed ROIP systems are less expensive than traditional public safety radio systems. 

Each dispatch position is dramatically less expensive; relatively large numbers of radio channels can be accommodated; additional users (with modest requirements compared to dispatchers) are even less expensive.  And for large geographic areas, ROIP is usually the only economically feasible method of
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